Fiber Laser Marking Machine

No technology is as flexible and attractive as optical fiber laser marking. This is because the industry has new and old technologies, which together make marking a very interesting, beautiful and profitable business. Laser marking can be used to mark or process various types of materials. There are also several different methods of marking and handling. However, the appropriate laser marking system and peripheral devices vary depending on the material and the desired marking or processing method. The laser used can also vary. This section describes the basics required to perform laser marking. Not only laser marking technology is important, but Quality of fiber laser euqipment are also play significant role always. IFtech, a trusted fiber laser marking machine manufacturer in China, could satisfy customers need no matter domestic or oversea market.

What is fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser is basically composed of three main parts, including pump, resonator and beam transmission system. After you know about fiber laser, So what is fiber laser marking? Laser marking is a marking method that uses a focused laser beam to change the target surface. The laser beam is emitted by an oscillator and scanned with a scanning mirror, then focused on the target using a focusing lens and marked by changing the surface. above-mentioned is about how fiber laser marking machine works.

Many applications of fiber laser marking machines

1. The automotive industry has become one of the largest users of this technology.
2. Integrated circuit components are the most important units used to build circuits and systems.
3. Health institutions and medical equipment industries have very strict standards on the location, size and content of signs, and no errors are allowed.

50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal Engrave With PC (2)
Fiber Laser Marking Machine MS/SS/Aluminium /MS / Glass/Non Metal All Material
IF100M 100W Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Steel,Aluminum Copper Silver Brass Gold
IF20M 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine
IF30M 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine on Metal 300X300 Printing Machine
50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal Engrave With PC (1)
IF50M 50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal Engrave With PC
IF5M 5W Portable Mini Design UV Laser Marking Machine