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Since 2019, Jinan IF Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.We are a professional manufacturer of optical fiber laser cutting mechanism, The company has strong scientific research ability, more than 20 laser process and technology manufacturing experts, and has established technical cooperation relations with many domestic universities. The company continues to introduce advanced technology, give play to its own technological advantages, accelerate technological innovation, strengthen independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading and improve its overall competitiveness. All kinds of optical fiber laser cutting machine products have obtained national patents and have self-supporting import and export rightsis We are committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of laser cutting machine,laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, 3D robot and other laser machines.Based on the scientific producing,efficient management, 5s management system,we have obtained ISO9001, CE, and FDA.IF looking for your contact all time.Welcome to IF.Welcome to visit and join us!

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